Day 47: Ulaanbaatar , Back to bed

Horses eating grass, on the back of a 100 Tugrik bill.
100 Tugrik note (back).

3am. A barking dog is preventing deep sleep, but it’s bad gas that necessitates a rapid evacuation to the loo.

I down a handful of expensive almonds and drift back to sleep.

2 hours later I’m awake again, with a sore back. I feel hot and nauseous with the same unpleasant outcome as yesterday. Perhaps the almonds were too hard to digest, like the meat in the noodle dish?

4 hours later, I’m back in the toilet. It’s gross but I’m getting scientific about it. It feels like my body is rerouting its outputs.

I manage porridge with banana and honey and some brown bread. Gan says that boiled bottled water is a good cure, so I try that too.

I crawl back to bed for another 4 hours sleep. It’s easier to sleep during the day as there are no barking dogs. Perhaps this is when dogs sleep too?

Things are settling down now and the bubbles are gone from my stomach. Maybe porridge is the answer?

I head out to the super market to buy some other safe food items for dinner.

Dinner is cooked short grain rice, half a pack of cream crackers, half a cup of vegetable juice, half a cup of home made sports drink. I’d planned to follow it with a good dose of plain yoghurt, but it turns out that I bought sour cream by accident!

I like the paper money here, the pictures are great. Well, it’s better than posting pictures of toilet paper anyway.

The rest of the evening is uneventful. Except when it isn’t, but even then things are much more regular. I feel most relieved.