Day 59: Ulaanbaatar , Shared experiences

A man in a red and white striped jumper looks down at my touring bike.
Mos meets Troll.

Today is my last lesson with Urnaa at Nom-Ekhe.

It seems premature, given that I’m still here. But I’m not sure how long that will be for. That’s the tricky thing with contracting.

And to be honest, I’m not sure how much I’m absorbing, anyway. My teacher is great, experienced and patient. But it has been really hard to juggle homework with work, sightseeing and mood swings. I hope that I’ll have the willpower and real world wisdom to revise my big pile of A4s when I’m back on the road.

After class I head back to The Coffee Hut in the student area.

There, I have a big chat to the friendly owner, Mos. He takes the Troll out for a test ride, to see what it’s all about. It’s encouraging to find that others are interested in my journey and I’m relieved that it’s still there, patiently waiting for me to pick up where I left off.

When I arrive back at the hostel, I have cold, sore fingers. The temperature must really be dropping now!

After a nap, my hostel mates show me photos of some of their Hong Kong hikes. I’m a little surprised to learn that it’s some sort of hiking nirvana. I only know it as a transit point, and a humming financial hub with a heavy dose of British heritage.

In the evening, a pleasant ambient walk is followed by more coding.

I’m more of a night owl than an early bird, and working into the wee hours allows me to deliver code at the start of New Zealand’s working day.

I also sort out some more offline maps. Not long to go now!