Day 60: Ulaanbaatar , Wild woollies

A mural showing a pair of deers and their shadows.
Deer oh deer.

Heading back to Naran Tuul (the black market) I satiate my need for warm clothing, snapping a few pics along the way.

If I understand correctly, the pair of pants are at least partly made from camel hair. With long cuffs, they are thick and spongy and perhaps a tad short, but I hope to wear them under my lightweight travel trousers to insulate my working muscles against the cold.

The camel hair jumper has more function than form, but is another layer of insurance.

Meanwhile, the cashmere scarf is light and gorgeously soft. It also seems like a steal compared to what I’d expect to pay in New Zealand.

Clothing costs
Item NZD
Camel hair pants (Naran Tuul) 30,000 $23.07
Camel hair jumper (Naran Tuul) 48,000 $36.91
Cashmere scarf (Gobi Cashmere House Shop) 11,000 $8.46