Day 33: Irkutsk , The Hangover

I wake up, a bear with a sore head. Grrr. It must have been all those Belgian beers last night.

Keeping a low profile for most of the day, I adopt the hostel couch as my second home.

In the late afternoon, my slumber is interrupted by a loud chatty man.

He is Dutch but his confidence reminds me a lot of my South African friend Ronel. They even look similar!

However, unlike my friend, he is quite hard work. His personality is a mixture of self-confidence and arrogance, and a potent one at that.

We decide to go out to the supermarket together, but I quickly find out that behind the arrogance there is a high level of disorganisation. As a result, our hunt for the supermarket is rather tedious, rather than fun.

This reinforces my need for the absolute freedom of adventuring alone. But it also reminds me that I am missing my friends back in New Zealand.

With my supermarket purchases in hand and some couscous leftovers from the Dutch girls, I make a good dinner, before heading back to bed.