Putting my bike on a plane, cycling around the city and a forest park, staying in a very smokey AirBnB.

My first bike packing overnighter was a ride out to a dance party.

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My first multi-month tour, as documented in 298 days of Tour Diaries.

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Stretching my very itchy legs on a 6 day tour, 2 months after returning home from the East Asia tour.

A 6 day ride to see how far I could get before returning for a friend's party.

Turns out that wasn't very far.

My iPhone died on the last day, in heavy rain. The phone repair guy said that it was the worst he'd seen. I guess that's what happens when you take a second hand phone around the world and subject it to all kinds of weather.

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A short 2 day tour for some outdoor time.

A 5 day tour down to a housesit in Christchurch.

An ill-fated 6 day tour, where my seat broke when I was up in the mountains.

  1. Christchurch
  2. Waikari
  3. St James Cycle Trail
  4. Hanmer Springs
  5. Acheron House
  6. Hanmer Springs
  7. Picton
  8. Whatamango Bay
  9. Picton
  10. Wellington

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  • A 3 day tour, riding out to be a support person at the Karapoti race.
  • A ~5 day tour, riding out to a rural wedding ceremony.

A 14 day tour, riding back to Wellington after catching the train to Rotorua.

A 6 day tour in early winter, riding through some beautiful mountains enroute to a housesit.

  1. Picton
  2. Blenheim
  3. Rainbow Road
  4. Hanmer
  5. Rangiora
  6. Christchurch

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A 10 day tour in mid-winter, riding over a snowy pass on my return trip to Wellington.

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A 4 day tour to stay with some friends.

A 3 day tour to celebrate New Years with some friends.

A 5 day tour back to Auckland.

A 10 day tour around the eastern side of the North Island.

A 4 day tour, camping and biking with a friend and her daughter.

A long and challenging 186 day tour, including several multiday hikes.

The diary only tells half the story. If I ever finish writing up my East Asia tour, I'll tackle this one next.

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A 4 day tour through a familiar area.

  1. Rimutaka Inline
  2. Bucks Road
  3. Cross Creek
  4. East Harbour Regional Park

A 4 day tour through pretty hills, before 5 weeks of housesitting.

  1. Moonshine Road
  2. Battle Hill
  3. Paekak Hill
  4. Otaki Forks
  5. Kaitoke

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A 3 day tour.

  1. Wainuiomata Hill
  2. Catchpool Valley
  3. East Harbour
  4. Catchpool Valley
  5. Coast

A familiar ride, with variations either side of the Remutakas.

  1. Queens Wharf
  2. Days Bay
  3. Coast
  4. Catchpool Valley
  5. Remutaka Incline
  6. Whitemans Valley
  7. Seaview

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2 nights between housesits, and an unwanted change in COVID alert levels.

  1. Petone
  2. Days Bay
  3. Catchpool Valley
  4. Wainuiomata
  5. Petone

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A ~7 day tour, intercepting a friend who was riding the Kopiko.

  1. Bus from Wellington to Rotorua.
  2. Rotorua
  3. Lake Okaro
  4. Murupara
  5. Whakatane
  6. Tirohanga
  7. Matawai
  8. Gisborne
  9. Bus from Gisborne to Wellington.

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Short and long haul rides and hikes out to un/official campgrounds, during a period of COVID-induced homelessness.

  • Sinclair Head
  • Tarakena Bay
  • Dry Creek
  • The Pipes
  • Catchpool Valley

A more successful 8 day attempt at the St James trail - despite the bridge being out!

  1. Picton
  2. Acheron
  3. Rainbow
  4. St James

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A challenging 15 day tour with heavy traffic and galeforce winds.

  1. Picton
  2. Twizel
  3. Alps to Ocean
  4. Oamaru
  5. Christchurch

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A challenging 3 day hike around a remote and rocky coastline.

  1. Karori to Te Ikaamaru Bay
  2. Te Ikaamaru Bay to Cape Terawhiti
  3. Cape Terawhiti to Ōwhiro Bay

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